Last time I did a worksheet with Bart, he got half of them wrong.  He just didn't care about the answers.  So this time, I gave you ten additions and ten multiplications, and I asked him to check his answers before he gives them to me.  For example, last time I asked him to add 16+37 and he got 17.  I told him it was a ridiculous answer.  This time, I showed him that to do 18+18, for example, he should see that his answer should be close to 20+20=40.  And, it should be bigger than 15+15=30.  I always stress to him that in life, it's important to get close to the right answer, but the exact answer is almost never needed.

This time he actually got everything right except for one.  I think he's capable of getting the right answer and he didn't need to check them.  The one he got wrong was 90x9.  He got 1,000.  It wasn't too bad.  But then I asked him what's 9x9 and he said 18.  So, we still have more work to do. :)

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