Last time when I did a math worksheet with Wanda, she did it all right but I noticed that she was counting.  For example, to figure out what is 8+5, she would count 9,10,11,12,13.  She's very good at it, but it's not the right way.  You have to just remember sums up to twenty.

So today, I gave her an exercise to help her remember sums.  I made flash cards for sums up to ten.  Like, 2+2, 2+3,..., 2+8, 3+3,3+4,...,5+5.  There are 16 of these cards.  I then timed her as she went through all of them.  Her times were:

Round 1: 1:07
Round 2: 0:57
Round 3: 0:45
Round 4: 0:39

She responded really well and didn't complain once.  Next time I will give her sums up to 20.  After that, I want to help her 

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