Bart is learning multiplication.  He knows most of the facts below 10.  But I think it's boring to memorize a bunch of facts.  So  I think of practical problems for him to solve with multiplication.  In this worksheet, we work with time, distance, and speed.

In the first problem, I ask him to calculate the speed of an airplane that travels from Philadelphia to California in six hours:
I broke it down into:
1. how many miles traveled in the first three hours?  He got 1500 right away
2. how many in the first hour?  I forgot if he got 500 or if I had to give hints.

Then, I asked about the speed of a car that goes from here to my parents' house.  He knows it takes 30 minutes, and I tell him it's 15 miles.
I had to lead him a little.  But, he didn't cry.  In fact, I thought he did very well and give him a lot of encouragement.  I think that was a good call because a few days later, he asked to do more worksheets with distance and speed.

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