While driving home from swim practice last night Bart said, “Mommy, remind me later to do some extra homework tonight.” Now, I know what some (or all) of you are thinking, so select from the choices below and tell me your answer(s) in the comments:

a)      what a little nerd
b)      teacher’s pet
c)      he just said it to get extra dessert
d)      she’s making this up

Honestly, he wasn’t kidding and I didn’t even have to remind him. I was impressed to find his work on the counter later that evening. First, addition:
Next, subtraction:
And finally, multiplication:
I love how he got some of the answers wrong, and gave himself bonus questions. I'm still not sure why he decided to do this, but I'm not complaining! 

We do a lot of worksheets in our house but this was the first time he made up his own. The more I think about what he did, the more I love it. I mean, you really have to think about the problems differently as the worksheet creator as opposed to answering problems someone else made up for you.  I like how he started off with a couple easy questions then they get progressively harder. I admit I helped him make the bonus questions because those are tricky for second grade, but he solved them himself.  This was such a great idea, I think he’ll get extra dessert tonight. π

03/03/2011 13:12

Jen, I love your new blog. It's cleaver, surprisingly adorable and educational all in one! You take the cake. Good luck on keeping up math exploration at home. I plan send Amelia your way with her Algebra problems soon.

03/03/2011 17:38

Thanks Eva, and congratulations on leaving the first comment!


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