It’s the end of an era. We finally finished reading the Harry Potter series. The adventure began almost two years ago when we chose The Sorcerer’s Stone as bedtime reading material, which evolved into a Harry Potter obsession like I’m sure many of you have experienced as well. Except I’m willing to bet few or none of you read the whole series out loud so I think I earned some mom points there (notice I didn’t claim cool mom points, but I’ll take whatever points I can get, even those I award to myself).

As we are in the habit of celebrating our accomplishments, here was an opportunity to summarize our HP experience from an analytical standpoint. First off, let’s just look at all those books, all 7 minus 1 of them (The Chamber of Secrets was on loan to Nana so didn’t make it to the photo-shoot):
These are long books, so it’s fun to figure out just how much we actually read. We also wondered which one has the most pages? Which one has the most chapters? Which one was the best?

In order to keep track of our data I pulled out the laptop. I had not introduced the wonder of Excel to my kids until now, and as soon as Bart started entering data my mind raced with all the cool stuff I can show him and his sisters some day. Anyway, we set up a simple spreadsheet and I recited numbers as Bart entered them in a table.  We then set up some graphs and observed the following HP facts:

Longest Book: Order of The Phoenix

Shortest Book: Sorcerer’s Stone

Most Chapters: Order of the Phoenix

Least Chapters: Sorcerer’s Stone

We also ranked the books in order of our personal preference and added comments where appropriate.
Favorite book: The Sorcerer’s Stone (of course, that’s what got us hooked).
Least favorite: The Prisoner of Azkaban. Reason: because Voldemort isn’t in it.

Here’s our analysis summary:

To celebrate, we watched The Deathly Hallows (Part 1) which was released on DVD just as we finished the book – how convenient! We snuggled on the couch, ate popcorn, and critiqued ways in which the book was better than the movie.  We can hardly wait for part 2 later this summer! I sure will miss Harry Potter but I know he’ll continue to be part of our lives for many years to come. π
04/30/2011 13:15

we have them all in FRENCH if you want to try adding another language to the mix!! hehe - love the analysis!!


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