I only found out about Geoboards last year. Maybe I used them in school long ago but I certainly don’t remember. If you haven’t seen them before let me tell you, they sure are cool for playing around with math concepts, particularly geometry which happens to be one of my favorites.  Here’s what they look like:
Each board has a grid of small pegs, and you connect rubber bands around the pegs to form different shapes. The boards come in different sizes; the ones shown here are 5X5 grids.

One benefit of geoboards is that all ages can have fun and learn with them. A preschooler can make simple shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, etc. They can make big shapes, small shapes, and crazy shapes – let them use their imagination!
For younger elementary students, show them a shape/pattern and ask them to re-create it on the geoboard.  They can get a little complicated believe it or not. Here are some example patterns we tried:
For older elementary students, geoboards can be used to explain perimeter and area. Don’t be surpised if geoboards make future appearances here on mathmeup! Rather than bore you with more pictures of my kids, here’s one of several available videos to show how geoboards can be used:
So where can you find these wonderful boards? I ordered mine from Amazon, and have seen them at Becker’s teacher-supply store as well. They are not expensive, and you can really get mileage out of these things for years to come. π 

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