Here’s yet another idea to keep the math juices flowing while riding in the car. I almost didn’t write about it because the ending is so humiliating, but I’ll get to that later. We were on our way to a new destination, so in addition to programming the directions in my GPS I also printed out a map and directions from Google. Our target was about 40 minutes away according to the internet, so I told the kids we would leave an hour early to “give myself time to get lost” which they thought was so comical. Of course, I wasn’t joking.

We had to be there by 5pm so got caught in some rush hour traffic. We sat through three cycles of the same red light, and during that downtime I looked over the directions to make sure I knew where to go. From our current location, we had to turn left and travel 3.2 miles. Current trip mileage reading was 56.1 miles.
So… I asked the kids (the older ones really) if they could figure out at what mileage reading I should turn. This problem is probably best for students third grade or higher.  It took a minute or two but we determined that the right turn should occur at:  56.1miles + 3.2miles = 59.3 miles. 

We were still stuck in traffic so I had to continue. After turning right at 59.3 miles, we were supposed to travel 2.4 miles to reach our destination. So what should the miles read upon arrival?  59.3 miles + 2.4 miles = 61.7 miles.  I am happy to report that the kids stayed with me (OK only the older ones) up to this point.

I am less happy to report that as we sat in that ridiculous traffic jam one child cried hysterically, wet their pants, then fell asleep. Another child made excruciatingly loud noises and was yelled at by their mother (who later apologized).  When we reached the 61.7 mile mark we were already 5 minutes late and our destination was nowhere to be seen. We drove around searching for the place we needed to be, and about 20 minutes later decided to head home and forget about the whole thing. I told you it was humiliating. But that’s beside the point. Even under these most aggravating circumstances we were able to work in a couple math problems, and for that I can say the trip was worth it. π
04/29/2012 23:55

The map in your gps system has really helped you to find the way .


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