World Maths Day is underway! As I write there are still 16 hours left to play, but by the time you read this the “party” will likely be over. You can (and should) still check out the results on the World Maths Day website.

For those who haven’t heard of World Maths Day, it is an annual online event that promotes mathematical learning for kids from 4-18 years old (good news, an adult/parent option was added this year). People compete worldwide by playing math games and the goal is to answer as many math questions as possible in one day. According to their website, 5.3 million students are registered to take part this year, and they are trying to see if 1 billion math problems can be solved around the world on this day. As of this moment, over 300 million questions have been tallied. So cool!

I registered the kids (ages 5 and 7) and myself last week. The process took just a couple minutes -- very easy. Our schools did not participate, so we registered as individual players. A lot of schools register for World Maths Day so next year I will try to convince our elementary school to create a team and join the fun.

We did our share to contribute to the World Maths Day goal this morning before school.  The kids and I took turns logging into our accounts and playing games against people all over the world. Each game is 1 minute long, so things move quickly. The problems were pretty easy, which was good so kids didn’t get too frustrated (well, my 5-year-old daughter was not happy that each game is timed so the 'pressure' got to her & she dropped out pretty quickly). We plan to play a few more rounds after school this afternoon, then check back tomorrow for the final results.

The most interesting aspect of playing was the variety of countries we were able to compete with. We played against students from Hong Kong, Brazil, Indonesia, Great Britain, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, Colombia, Germany, Netherlands, Beijing, Hungary, Thailand, and I can’t remember who else. I feel like a geography lesson is in order for tomorrow!  Interestingly, we were never pit against another US player. I’m not sure if they don’t allow people of the same country to play against each other (which doesn’t make sense), or if there just aren’t a great number of US participants. Hmmm….

By the way if math isn’t totally up your alley (or your kids’), there is also World Spelling Day to look forward to on March 3, 2011. As of today, over 27 million practice questions have been answered in preparation for World Spelling Day. I haven’t registered my kids yet but after the excitement of today, I’m afraid I can’t resist and don’t be surprised if you see a “Happy World Spelling Day” post in a few days! π 

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