Since I posted about word problems last time, I can’t resist sharing this example of creative word problem solving I found in one of our endless stack of papers:
As a kindergartener just getting the hang of the whole reading thing, this problem must have been a little overwhelming for Wanda. I like how she took time to supply an answer though, rather than give up completely. It’s a completely valid answer, it just means “I need a little help here Dad.”

You can see how Chao walked through the problem with her to break it down and eventually find the correct answer. While this exercise was a bit out of her league, I think it’s important to push kids outside their comfort level and see what they can come up with. If you are in the habit of mainly reinforcing what your kids learn in school, try giving them a bigger challenge now and then. You may be surprised at what your little one(s) are capable of! π

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