Hi my friends. So sorry to leave you alone for so long. The preschool newsletter is done. I can move on with my life! Here's a little post that has to do with big numbers:

Seven Billion
I found this poster inside a National Geographic magazine on our coffee table:
We don’t subscribe to National Geographic so I don’t even know where it came from, but anyway this fascinating picture is called “The Face Of Seven Billion”. It is actually a sort of chart. The face you see is made up of tiny human figures, 7000 of them to be exact. Can you see it better here?:
How about now?:
Each human figure represents 1 million people. 7,000 of them together represent the 7 billion people in the world. Yikes! So many people! Let me tell you, the kids actually “got” this. Well, I take that back. I don't believe they grasp the magnitude of 7 billion, but they "got" how the chart works and they know that there are A LOT of people in the world. I explained the poster to my 7-year-old one time and he understood it well enough to repeat the meaning behind the chart to his little sister who also “got” it for the most part. The 3-year-old, not so much….

I commend National Geographic for creating this interesting, informative, and artistic presentation of our world population, in a way that is impactful even to a child. I must tell you that the back of this poster contained so many more intriguing facts and charts. You really should check out the interactive version on the National Geographic website.

By the way, the arrangement of these 7,000 tiny people creates an image of the most “typical” person on the planet who happens to be a 28-year-old Chinese male. When my kids stepped back and saw this face for the first time they exclaimed “It’s Daddy!” OK, it kind of looks like him, but in fact he’s much older than this “typical” guy. And for those who know “Daddy” I think you’ll agree with me he’s anything but typical! π

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