I’m not the only one obsessed with daily lessons, particularly when it comes to math. Chao is in on this game too. He makes lots of worksheets for the kids. His are usually more difficult than mine so we endure our share of whining, but the kids (almost) always pull through and do the work. Here’s an example he made for Bart. This was special because he got to use a calculator!
All those big numbers can be overwhelming but it’s good to practice writing large numbers to solidify an understanding of place value. Also this provides him a way to relate to these big numbers since he is already comfortable with seconds, minutes, days, and years.

The cool thing about this exercise is that I caught Bart coming back to read the answers several times after he completed the work. It sat on our table for a few days and has since disappeared, but I’m pretty sure he memorized at least some of the answers. It’s such a simple thing, but will not be soon forgotten.π

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