I know this will come across as brag but I am compelled to share nonetheless. Remember the "extra homework" Bart created a couple weeks ago? Well just look what I found in Wanda’s backpack:
This is what she made during “free time” at school after her morning work was done. Most of the time she draws pictures or writes notes to the family, but occasionally she makes up math problems. This behavior has earned her the nickname “Math Girl” in her Kindergarten class. 

Anyway, thanks for indulging me…

On a separate topic, I want to thank my friend Jill for the reminder (via Facebook) to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day!  (And Jill if you didn’t see my response to your comment below I really think you need to provide some guest posts, wink wink…) π

Dana Ehman
03/19/2011 07:30

That is awesome! Siblings really do have an impact on each other. I think Drew is becoming much more independent with his homework because he sees Adam being so responsible and independent.



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