Did you notice that adorable kitty in my last post? That sweet little girl is Popcorn, and we have so much fun with her! Popcorn joined our family about a month ago. She was supposed to be a “friend” to our older cat, Marge, but so far Margie hasn’t bought into our plan. That translates to lots of scuffles at the feeding station and regular 4 a.m. cat fights, but we are confident (ahem) that the cats will get used to each other before long.

Here’s a quick and easy problem for the math cats out there. The kids were wondering how much Popcorn weighs. She looks so tiny next to Large Marge. So I had them get on the scale holding her, then weigh themselves without her.  Considering the kitten only weighs 2 pounds, this was an easy enough subtraction problem. Next they wanted to know how much the big cat weighs. Margie is big enough that the kids are not comfortable holding her, so I had to weigh myself with and without the cat (sorry I’m not posting the actual numbers here – he he). Margie is an even 10 pounds which made for another pretty easy subtraction problem.

Popcorn is growing fast so we can repeat this exercise in a month or 2 and compare the results. We could make a graph! We can calculate how much food they eat. We can try to count their whiskers. What else?? So many cat-related math possibilities abound! π

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