Ramona loves to do worksheets like the big kids. I asked her to complete the following page while I helped Bart with another project.  I showed her real quick what to do, then she worked independently for several minutes and didn’t ask any questions.  Here’s what she came up with:
Hopefully the picture is clear enough that you can see the “Bug Match”. All you have to do is draw a line to match each number to the group of ladybugs containing the same number. The first one was done for her, nice job tracing the line. Then comes number 5 – can you see how she connected 5 of the 6 ladybugs in the top group together? Next was number 2, and it looks like that was easy. Then she got to the end and is looking for a group of 6 ladybugs and only 5 are left but oh! oh! Look there’s another ladybug over on the next page … for a total of 6!  Perfect!

I just love how she worked this out.  The thought process of a 3 year old is so wonderful to observe. Not only did she count accurately but she was able to solve the “problem” that arose.  A+ Mona!  π
Marcia Moriarta
03/30/2011 12:28

I loooove her problem-solving!

03/30/2011 14:17

Rock on, Ramona!


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