Spring break was fabulous this year, but it's good to be home too! Since my brain is still on vacation, here's a little something I wrote a few months ago but neglected to post.

Disclaimer: I went to a talk last night where the speaker revealed information about the potential toxins in fruit snacks (not to mention they practically cement themselves to teeth) so I hesitate to advertise the fact that I feed them to my kids but I swear it's an occasional indulgence...he he...


Yes, here comes another counting activity. Maybe you are bored with my silly counting games by now, but I swear to a preschooler this stuff can be really fun! I’m sure if you have a toddler you spend plenty of time counting objects, so my goal is purely to give you as many ideas as possible for integrating math into your everyday routine. If you reinforce these math (in this case, counting) concepts enough, it will become second nature to your children. In fact, at some point they will begin to automatically think about numbers without your prompt, as was this case in the following example.

My kids absolutely love fruit snacks, which makes them an excellent bargaining tool on many occasions. This particular day, I decided to let them have fruit snacks after school ‘just because’ (just because we ran out of every other kind of snack, just because I didn’t feel like cutting up apples, I don’t remember exactly why….). In any case, they each got a little packet of the beloved snacks, and upon opening her bag Ramona commenced with counting the pieces before eating any.

What happened next warmed my heart. She counted her snacks (remember we’ve been working hard on 1:1 correspondence) and came up with a total of 12 fruit snacks.
Having never counted the number of snacks in a bag myself, I wasn’t sure if she got it right. Before I could butt in and check, Wanda took the initiative to check the answer herself. Twelve again:
Not satisfied that his little sisters could accurately count snacks, Bart then triple-checked their answer and verified 12 fruit snacks in all:
I realize you may be thinking so what, they can count to twelve, big whoop, but keep in mind I was only a casual observer throughout this process. I did not force them to count nor did I quadruple-check their answer. They just happen to be in the habit of doing this type of thing when the opportunity presents itself, and they like to make sure the answers are correct. It’s not such an impressive accomplishment at this point, but I like to think we are laying the groundwork for future independent and analytical thinkers. Only time will tell! Π

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