I bring you another car activity today. I think I need to start a new category for “Car Math” because lately this is the place we end up having some of our most productive math conversations (and plenty non-math conversations as well, we just drive around a lot…*sigh*). First, I bought these window crayons:
Then, I put them in the car and forgot about them for a couple weeks.

Then, one drizzly day we had a 15-minute window of wait-time in between school pick-ups and I remembered about the window crayons. Brilliant!

When I showed these crayons to the girls their faces lit up like the sunshine that was missing from our skies that day. When I said yes, they are allowed to draw on the car windows, you would have thought it was Christmas morning right there in our minivan. They were so ecstatic! Not wanting to break the celebratory mood, I hesitated before asking Wanda “Do you want me to write some math problems on the window for you to solve?” To my surprise she answered “Yeah!” and at that moment I too felt as if Christmas came early this year. So, here she is working out her problems:
Her sister joined in the fun too. We’ve been working on the number “3” so she practiced a few times:
When the math lesson was done, I let them go crazy and draw whatever they want.  We only spent about 5 minutes doing math/number activities, but it was completely painless and the girls were happy to participate just because of the novelty of the window crayons.  Since they were so enthusiastic about doing the math, I didn’t mind letting them ‘express themselves’ with the Window Crayons for the remainder of our wait. I should admit though, when it was finally pick-up time I could barely see out the window behind me!

Yeah, the windows were a mess, but a little Windex took care of the “art” later that day. It was a good excuse to wash the car windows anyway, no doubt they needed it! π 

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