Hi!  This is Chao.  I gave the kids these worksheets a few days ago.

For Wanda, I made her do additions.  She's good with results up to 20, but gets confused about the tens.  So first I had her add multiples of ten to get used to the scale.  Then I had her add a double digit with a single digit without need to carry, like 56+3.  

Then I had her round large numbers to the nearest hundreds.  The kids have a hard time dealing with large numbers.  I want to show them that they are the same as single digit numbers.  It's just the scale is different.  I also want them to have a sense for numbers and understand that most of the time you only care about answers up to a certain precision.  Whether you pay $25,137 or $24,972 for a car is not important.

09/10/2012 17:42

How do you signup for a blog from Weebly?

03/27/2013 22:38

i also try this for my kids hope he like this... thanks for this idea...:)


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