Book Review:  One More Bunny by Rick Walton
This book was randomly selected from the library stacks by my 3-year-old daughter. She pulls out whatever is at her level and catches her eye. It’s a very hit or miss way to select reading material, but this time she chose One More Bunny by Rick Walton and my my my, what a pleasant surprise! I didn’t even realize it was a math book for kids until we opened it up at home. The pictures are so adorable. I suppose it’s more girl-oriented since the bunnies are just so cute, and my girls are fairly obsessed with bunnies while my son has only showed interest in them when the cat brings a dead one to the back door. But anyway… on to One More Bunny… 

It’s not just a counting book, it also teaches addition up to 10 and shows different ways to sum numbers. Great for learning fact families, and the repetitiveness is nice because these math problems start to sink in even for a 3 year old if you say it enough times.

I think I read this book about 20 times during the 3 weeks we borrowed it. I would say it’s appropriate up to a first grade level, and probably getting too babyish for kids over 6 years old.

 After we returned it I looked up the reviews on Amazon and the author’s website, and it was only then that I realized there is so much more you can do with this book. Darn it, how did I not realize that during the myriad times I read it!? Here are some cute “curriculum suggestions” not only for One More Bunny but for all of Rick Walton’s books.

I couldn’t believe this guy wrote over 30 children’s books and I hadn’t heard of him until now. By the way, they’re not all math books, but he does explore lots of educational topics in a fun and creative manner.  On closer examination I realize I’ve read a few of his books, such as The Remarkable Friendship of Mr. Cat and Mr. Rat, which was also a hit when we got it from the library last year. I am definitely going to check out more of his books in the future, because honestly this was a great find.


Sounds perfect. Thanks for the info. We'll be on the lookout for One More Bunny on our next library jaunt!


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